Mitch's Crazy Office

Updated Oct 2017: I'm back to hands-on software development for the last year, it's a lot of fun. I've been working in this room for ten years now; it's gone through a lot of changes. I work here full-time on my company, JSONTrace.

Overview of the main work area. Two standing desks, an Ikea in the foreground (do not recommend) and an Uplift on the right.

Main work area. Uplift standing desk with a Bush faux natural cherry top. Mac Pro, 6 core... waiting for the new iMac Pro or anything that's faster. Network/storage closet in the background with Thunderbolt RAIDs, network switches, etc.

Reading/study area.

Facing the front. More about the built-in bookcase.

If you have built a cool space, feel free to send me some links to check out. I'm especially interested in built-in ideas.