New Office Goes Blue

Posted by mitch on March 31, 2023

It’s been forever since I posted! My family moved a few miles a few years ago; the office page is horribly out of date and I hope to do a thorough revisit of office space, work environment thoughts, and so on by 2030. Seriously. I have lots of additional thoughts from over the years but quite cramped for time right now.

But I did want to say one thing: nearly everyone says not to paint a room dark colors. “It will make the room feel smaller/darker.” “Go with light neutrals… a nice greige.” Ugh.

So when we bought this house, my office was painted all white. The new office is about the same floor square footage as my old one — both rooms are around 400 sq ft. However, the new office is roughly twice the volume, due to not being under the rafters of the attic, and I have a door going outside to the garden and many more windows than I had before. The downside has been getting Cat6 drops installed–a huge pain–and speaker wire, but I’m finally converging.

But most importantly, a few months ago I painted the room a very dark blue and hung up sheer curtains. The morning light was blinding me on Zoom calls and I had to do something. Also the room felt very “blah” with white ceilings.

I’m super happy with how it came out–technically I haven’t finished painting, but it’s been good enough to get back to work for now.

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